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I thought this rp needed a DeviantART page so this is what has happened so far, you can make characters of your own or claim one of the free characters on the list, Contact me or one of the other admins of the rp ^^ have fun~~

Beware the snow and the falling sky,
Beware the wrath from the curious kits’ eyes.
Avoid the shadows and lilies of dusk,
And destroy the lives of the powerful brusque.

The Valley of Glacia, is now full of life and light, but where there is light, there is darkness that lurks among the shadows...

ThunderNight has lost his memories after a scuffle with his brother, EagleFlight, and has run off alone into the forest, leaving behind his family and friends. The clans have started taking actions against the Dark Order since the death of MouseKit, caused by a Dark Order Cat named, RainFur. The wheels are turning and each clan is about ready for battle. Even, Skye, Leader of the Dark Order has gotten his troops ready to meet the attacks by the clans.. Each cat has his own reasons to fight.. Be it to avenge their loved ones, to protect their clanmates or to rescue their sibling.. A storm is brewing, and the outcome is yet to be decided.. Will the clans defeat the Dark Order entirely, or fall to their mercy..? Shall ThunderNight aid them in the battle or never see his friends and family again..? And will GingerTail and FrostBite finally overcome the INSANITY and defeat their blood thirsty mother..? The story continues..

Characters: (* means free character)

Infinite Clan:

Leader: FeatherStar
Deputy: BrambleScar
Medicine cat:* Icekin
Warriors: *Snowclaw, Morninglight, *Darkheart, *PeachCloud
Apprentices: Whitepaw, *RumblePaw, Sandpaw
Kits: None
Elders: TigerStripe, *SnowFall

The Rebellion:
Leader: SpottedStar
Deputy: ThunderNight
Medicine cat: AshFrost
Warriors: *BlackAbyss, BlazingPath,* NeonLight, *WinterLight, BlazeStripe, EagleFlight, SilverLight, FlameSong
Apprentices: FoxPaw, *Crescentpaw
Kits: SunKit, BoulderKit, MapleKit, WingKit, SnowKit, mousekit(dead)

The Alliance:
Leader: AshStar
Deputy: HawkFeather
Medicine cat: *CycloneWing
Warriors: *Ashcloud,* Powderfang, SwiftClaw, *BraveWing, CloudFoot, HoneyFrost, *RipplePelt, DarkSky, Kinkfur, Icefrost
Apprentices: Robinpaw
Kits: None

The Dark Order:
Leader: Skye
Deputy: BatSong
Warriors: *SkunkTail, BoulderFang, *RowanPelt, *HazelTail, BlizzardFang, RazorWing, *CursedSmoke, *ShadeMoon, WinterFrost, BadgerClaw, LilyClaw, Shadowpelt
Apprentices: none

Leader: DreamStar
Medicine Cat: BerryWish
Warriors: PaintedHeart, *ScarFrost, GingerTail, FrostBite, *IceRift, *RiverCloud, *PebbleFoot
Apprentices: BouncePaw, *StreamPaw
Kits: *SongKit, *HeartKit

Cats outside the clans:

Snowfield (Starclan spirit)
BrambleStar (Starclan Spirit)
CinderHeart (Starclan Spirit)
FireStar ( StarClan Spirit)
Jayfeather ( Starclan Spirit)


Age:[in moons]
Features: [pictures if possible]
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Oct 7, 2012


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Jayfeather97 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
ALL VISTORS! I will be posting scripts of our series on this page.. please read and feel free to comment on what you think.. I will be posting our recent series 4 and brief summaries of our previous series.. If you like the 4th series and want to read up on previous scripts.. please post your requests here.. Thank you for your attention..

Best regards,
Desert Bluebird (Jayfeather97)
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